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Height: 0.3M

Width: 1-3M

Coastal tolerant

Frost tolerant to -8C once established

A hardy groundcover with varigated leaves. New growth has a pinkish tinge which turns to white with age contrasting nicely with the foliage. Produces red flowers in winter and spring which are bird attracting. Mass plant for a quick ground cover effect. 


Grevillea Gaudis Ghost

Only 6 left in stock
  • All of the plants we sell are hardy once established (two years) and require the following things:
    Full sun (Minimum 5 hours per day)
    Free draining soil
    NO Fertiliser, Lime, compost or other feed (unless a clearly labeled specialist fertiliser for Proteacae family)
    Water well until established (twice a week)
    Cover for expected frosts until established (do not leave covered for winter)
    Prune by picking any spent flowers

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